About Newcomer Miller Mediation

My name is Jeffrey Newcomer Miller and I am a mediator. For over a decade I have served as a mediator and trainer for individuals, businesses, congregations, non-profits, community groups, and various other institutions. My passion is to help those in conflict to engage in a healthy conversation and if possible reach an outcome that is beneficial to all parties. I practice a facilitative model of mediation which means that I value the input from parties when they remain in the same room for the duration of the mediation and discuss what is at dispute.

My Skills:

  • BA from Goshen College in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies – special emphasis upon Restorative Justice and Community Conflict.
  • Master of Arts: Theological Studies from AMBS (with special emphasis upon congregational conflict, inter-religious dialogue and conservative/liberal divides).
  • Over 400 mediations and consultations conducted in myriad forms: Victim/Offender, small claims, parent/adolescent, family, congregational, business and interpersonal.
  • Over 150 hours of training in: Restorative Justice, Domestic Relations Mediation, Victim-Offender Mediation, Parent-Adolescent Mediation, Neighborhood Mediation, Anti-Racism, and Family Systems Theory, and Congregational conflict.
  • Over 100 hours facilitating and coaching in mediation training.
  • Mediation practitioner with On Earth Peace – Peace and Justice Department of the Church of the Brethren
  • Member of Mennonite Church USA – a historic peace church