Healing the Political Divide


Politics are in general a divisive topic and the very foundation of how we do politics in the United States is based on a debate model.  There is significant need for further conversation and education about the political figures, policies, bills, and laws that govern our everyday lives – and it seems there are very few places to have conversation with persons with whom we may or may not disagree. Throughout the country there are multiple programs attempting to create dialogue, in various settings, on the topic of politics. I am interested in helping congregations and faith groups engage in these conversations. Politics often are taboo topics in many settings, but the need to discuss them within faith communities is essential.


My proposal is to host conversations with a large or small group either once or multiple times (if necessary). Our task is to begin a dialogue about our political opinions and questions.  There are many methods of dialogue that work with religious groups but one option is the Conversation Cafe. This form of dialogue does not provide space for debate, but instead offers a safe place to share thoughts and opinions without interruptions. A facilitator hosts the conversation and depending on the group size there could be several tables. At the end of the conversation the host reports back to the table what she/he heard and there is time set aside for further conversation.

For more information:

Please contact me directly for more information and also spend some time looking at my Resources page. I will keep this page up to date with information that I encounter along the way. This is valuable work that we are called to do and it is a pleasure for me to participate in this good work. I look forward to working with you.